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SwitchPoint Media creates raw and revealing conversations that explore the intersection of self and social awareness, growth, and authentic human connection.

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We are a community.

Podcasts and Videocasts give us the opportunity to bring you thoughtful and relevant conversations.  But the power of SwitchPoint lies in the community of people that congregate in spaces like this to grow, learn, and find entertainment beyond the day-to-day noise that exists in the world. 

A Word From The Founder

Expand Your Knowledge

SwitchPoint Podcasts and Videocasts feature guests that have a wealth of experience and expertise to offer.  Sit back and get ready to learn and expand your mind.

Find Us Everywhere

It doesn't matter what app you like to listen to your podcasts on, SwitchPoint shows can be found on just about any major podcast platform

What Interests You?

Find topics that interest you, hosts that inspire you, and conversations that intrigue you.

SwitchPoint LIVE

SwitchPoint LIVE events are Oxford-style debates...with a TWIST!  Our take on these events is to bring forth a motion and have 4 debaters, 2 representing for and 2 representing against, and have them find some relatable point from the opposing side.  SwitchPoint LIVE is intentional about creating and inspiring authentic human connection.

Blue Smoke

SwitchPoint Media is the result of many years of visioning, conversations, and ideas about how to leave a lasting impact in the world.  The challenge is to bridge the gap of human connection that is created by the evolution of technology.  The solution became glaringly obvious: to meet technology right where its at with an intentional focus on encouraging and demonstrating the skills of emotional intelligence, empathy, and positivity along every step of the way.

SwitchPoint Media intentionally creates content that explores topics of everyday interest in an entertaining and engaging way while encouraging authentic human connection.

We are SwitchPoint.